Dedicated to service, meet our talented team of professionals!

RAMONA – Registered Dental Hygienist

Ramona has been helping our patients since 2008. While there are many capable hygienists throughout the dental community, there are few that can match Ramona’s passion for empowering her patients to see the possibilities. She positively loves supporting Dr. Natalie Jackson in her work to transform lives through advanced dentistry! Ramona has a thorough (yet gentle) touch that is well-received by our patients, having honed her skills through extensive service under the supervision of Periodontists throughout her career. When Ramona isn’t focused on dentistry, she spends her time engaging in professional voice work for commercials. Ramona also takes on acting roles in cinema films, performs in local theatre, and designs kitchens and bathrooms for her real estate clients.

JOHANNE – Patient Coordinator

Johanne has been helping our patients since 2008. Accurately maintaining patient accounts and effectively navigating the ever-changing landscape of dental insurance benefits are challenging responsibilities, and Johanne has consistently delivered exceptional results. She always goes far beyond the call of duty to fight for our patients when handling claims on their behalf, and her integrity is second to none! Johanne also assists Dr. Natalie Jackson with managing her schedule and ensuring that our team is prepared well in advance for upcoming cases. Her work in dentistry follows an accomplished career in public service, and we appreciate the insights that Johanne’s extensive experience brings to the table. She loves spending time with her grandson and his family, and she also enjoys photography and attending festivals throughout New Orleans.

JOHN – Office Manager

John has been helping our patients since 2007. When you work for a rare individual that pushes the limits of modern dentistry like Dr. Natalie Jackson, you must always be ready, willing, and able to learn new skills. Initially, John leveraged his experience in accounting to establish the fundamental business processes of our practice; however, he soon realized that he needed to grow in order to help Dr. Jackson realize her vision. Over the years, John has acquired experience in communications, small office networking, website development, print and digital media creation, building PCs, photography, clinical software, 3D printing, and (of course) management. While most of John’s work is behind the scenes, he feels great satisfaction whenever he’s able to make life easier for our patients and our team. John loves spending his free time with his wife and son. He also enjoys working out at the Tulane Reily Center, reading the latest developments on tech blogs, watching tutorial videos on YouTube, and actively supporting the ministry of Celebration Church.